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Passionate about Financial Services Industry Solutions Since 2004

Megan E. Morrice , Impact FinTech Consultant

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Megan is committed to integrating her background in financial services with her professional experience in sustainability to use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. She currently is working on a matchmaking platform for clients to find advisors who specialize in sustainable investing, and issues such as gender equity. Megan previously lead client and partnership development at HIP Investor, a global leader in impact investing. Her professional background working as a financial advisor and as a wholesaler allows her to work with clients and understand the internal challenges faced in the financial services industry. In 2015, she did a fellowship at Confluence Philanthropy, an international network of that helps move philanthropy in the direction of mission-aligned investing. She holds an MBA in Sustainable Management from Presidio Graduate School. Megan is passionate about helping individuals and organizations understand their financial options, align their money with their values, and creating financial products that best serve the needs of people.

Current Clients

Values Advisor is a fintech startup revolutionizing the way investors find financial advisors. It's an online matchmaking platform that helps investors find a values-aligned investment advisors that meet their financial, social, and environmental goals. 

I work as the Chief Operations Officer, helping to build the initial business, manage the website development, as well as fundraising. 

HIP (Human Impact + Profit) Investor is a financial research firm and an investment advisor. The company provides sustainability ratings of more than 5,000 publicly traded corporations and 20,000 municipal bond issuers according to a holistic, proprietary methodology consisting of more than 30 metrics, all of which are designed to quantify human impacts and be indicative of future risk and return. The ratings are licensed to all types of investors including fund managers, financial advisors, college endowments, and 401(k) plans. HIP also develops custom solutions for many of its clients and offers a number of SMA's. 

I work on business development, where I identify and create partnerships with like-minded brands and educated clients on how HIP's offerings can help them make more money and have a greater impact. I also engage with portfolio development and educating on the value of looking at health, earth, equality, trust and trust in investing, as well as provide editorial content based on HIP’s qualitative and quantitative impact for several blogs and publications. 

EQIS is a fee-based turnkey asset management program that helps relationship-focused advisors provide middle-market clients with access to some of the same investment strategies high net worth investors have enjoyed for decades, including separately managed accounts with multiple institutional money managers, broad diversification and tax efficiencies. EQIS makes it possible for investors with as little as $25,000 to gain some of those same advantages; Our purpose is to reinvent and democratize wealth management by providing the average investor access to the investment resources and asset management philosophies historically available only to ultra-wealthy.

I partner with financial advisors to help them design investment strategies for their clients, as well as act as the firm's expert on SRI.

The only values-driven Graduate School offering MBA & MPA degree programs that integrate social justice, environmental responsibility and systems thinking. I co-teach the Capital Markets course.