Megan E. Morrice

Research & Writing


Strategic, Financial and Marketing Plans

My team spearheaded a retail impact investing note. Investors buy a fixed income note that contains a diverse portfolio of CDFIs, microfinance institutions, and loans funds through an easy to use platform. The note generates measurable social and environmental returns, alongside a fixed financial return, while benefiting from a philanthropic guarantee, protecting investors from loss.


This $25 million community foundation had just received Board approval to allocate 5% of their endowment towards place-based investing. My team of MBA students crafted an investment plan that has informed their decisions.



Supported an expansion of a consortium of street food vendors through a marketing plan and event development. Focused on how to communicate the value of partnership with local small businesses and government stakeholders through the principles of placemaking.



Developed a strategic launch and sustainability plan for shared ride service in Austin, Texas. We assisted with emissions calculations to quantify carbon footprint reductions through this ridesharing and delivery platform.



Created a Marketing Plan for Dinner Lab, a “membership-based, social dining experiment that unites undiscovered chefs with adventurous diners.” The plan focused on three main areas of opportunity: turning brand refinement into brand loyalty through engaging diners, creating sustainable partnerships to attract new potential members who are sustainably inclined, and targeting existing customers to increase retention through deeper segmentation.


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